In The Zone

In the zone allows you to see the 16 schools that are closest to a given address. You can either start typing and select an address from the drop down list, or click on the map.

Each time an address is selected or the map is clicked, the program will select the closest 16 secondary government schools from a list and display them on the map. The schools will be displayed on the right hand side in order of distance from the address (the yellow marker with an H). The closest school will have an A marker, then a B marker etc.

The data used is freely available from here


In most cases in Victoria, you are entitled to send your child to the school which is closest to you, there are certain schools where this may not apply. Also, due to the limitations on some data, the school which is indicated as being the closest may actually not be the closest. While this application may assist people, it should not be relied on to make any decisions.